The Podlaskie Region – everlasting need of nature

Discover the fabulous primeval nature of Poland. Visit Podlaskie!




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The land fueled by nature of natural forests, meandering rivers, jewels of water architecture, blue lakes and diversity of religions. As part of the program you will sightsee the pearls of the Podlaskie Region and taste the borderland cuisine.


NOTE: The program is just a suggestion, and it can be tailored to suit the needs of the group!

Białowieża Primeval Forest – Biebrza Marshes – the Augustów Canal

The program includes:

  • Białowieża Primeval Forest – the oldest primeval forest in Europe listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site; Białowieża National Park, Białowieża.
  • Białystok – the capital of Podlaskie Region, the melting pot of different nations, religions, cultures, the cradle of universal Esperanto language.
  • Augustów – the capital of watersports and kayaking, recognized as a health and relaxation resort, picturesquely located on the Augustów Canal; a kayaking trip along Czarna Hańcza River and the Augustów Canal with locks; Sękacz (Polish tree-cake) baking show.
  • Biebrza National Park – the largest national park in Poland, preserves one of the wildest and the least human-altered spots.
  • Biebrza Marshes – the kingdom of elks and many species of water and mud birds; the endless area of the wild Biebrza River. Osowiec Fortress.
  • Białystok Tatar Trail – leads through several villages. Tatars that still live in the area are committed to their predecessors’ religious heritage, continuing to practice Islam; traditional Tatar dinner.
  • Supraśl – 500-year-old health resort.


The price depends on the number of participants. The program can be individually tailored to suit the group’s needs.


Spływy kajakowe z pasją, wycieczki autokarowe, imprezy dla firm
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