Rospuda – 1-day kayaking trip

…for adventure seekers. Unpredictable river with a strong current and unique, changeable character.




15 - 20 km



individual trip

quite difficult

ROSPUDA… for adventure seekers

Unpredictable river with a strong current and unique, changeable character. It crosses eight beautiful lakes, and woods of Augustów Primeval Forest. In summertime the route is relatively easy and recommended for everyone. However, during the autumn to spring period – only for experienced kayakers.

Life is simple. Just add water 😉

We provide 1-, 2- and 3-person. kayaks, transportation, parking area in Augustów.


In summer, 1-day kayaking trips take place every day. The minimum number of participants – 8 ppl.

For the other months, please contact our team.

You can book the kayaks till 8 PM the day before the trip  +48 601 146 703 or

Rospuda spływy kajakowe SZOT
Rospuda spływy kajakowe SZOT
Spływ kajakowy 3 rzeki Pojezierza Augustowskiego SZOT



1. Małe Raczki – Święte Miejsce    /15 km

Along the river there are sections with sharp curves, fallen trees and large boulders, but there are also calmer ones, where the river is mild and free of obstacles. On the route there are two unique spots to visit: the ruins of Pac Palace in Dowspuda, and Święte Miejsce nature reserve – cultural and religious site.

On the route there is a food bar “Chodorki”. The planned return: 4.30 PM

PRICE: 60 PLN / person           52 PLN / children up to 12 years old

9.00 AM – meeting in SZOT Base in Augustów

2. Rospuda Valley: Święte Miejsce – Augustów   /20 km

The waters of the famous Rospuda Valley are reachable only by a kayak. The river meanders along swampy grasslands surrounded by the deciduous woods of Augustów Primeval Forest. Tall reeds, growing around the banks, give the impression of a long, rambling corridor. In the final part of the route, where the river meets Szczeberka and Blizna River, it widens and slows down. At the very end, the river flows into Rospuda and Necko Lake. There are few or no places for a stop. The planned return 6.00 PM

PRICE: 45 PLN / person           37 PLN / children up to 12 years old

8.30 AM – meeting in SZOT Base in Augustów

Price includes

  • seat in a double SZOT KOMFORT kayak with paddling gear (paddle, life jacket, soft seat),
  • transporation from Augustów to the starting place of the kayaking trip, and back to Augustów from the ending point (in accordance with the program)
  • kayaks’ launching fee

Place at the parking area in SZOT Base in Augustów – for free.

Paid separately

  • renting a single SZOT kayak; kayaking in a double kayak individually – 10 PLN
  • renting a single CAROLINA kayak – 20 PLN,
  • for families with children, we recommend 3-person Prijon CRIUSER III kayaks; for 3 adults – 3-person TERCET kayaks
  • renting a waterproof bag (55l) or barrel (3,5l/10,4l) – 5 PLN/piece – 50 PLN deposit
  • optional accident insurance (AXA TUiR, 10,000 PLN) – 3 PLN/person
  • available to purchase in SZOT office: maps, waterproof phone cases, sport gloves, sun hats and raincoats.



Spływy kajakowe z pasją, Czarna Hańcza, Rospuda, Kanał Augustowski
ul. Konwaliowa 2
Augustów 16-300, Polska

+48 87 644 67 58

+48 601 146 703