Augustów Canal | 1-day kayaking trip on Belarus

1-day kayaking trips to Belarus on Augustów Canal. VISA-FREE!




20 km





Augustów Canal – surrounded by woods of Augustów Primeval Forest; a unique artificial waterway, on a European scale, which combines both natural forces of Mother Nature and the ingenuity of men. It is a cross-border area which connects three borders, namely: Polish, Belorussian, and Lithuanian. Moreover, in 1968, the Augustów Canal  was declared a monument of Polish technology. It is considered one of the greatest natural wonders of nature, and in 2009, it received a Golden Certificate of the Polish Tourist Organization. Moreover, in 2015, it became one of the “seven wonders” of Poland.

The canal has a total length of 103,6 km (approx. 63 miles), The watershed area of the canal on the Polish side of the border is 81 km. The total difference in water levels, which is 54 m, is regulated by 18 historic, renovated locks (14 on the Polish side, 3 on the Belarusian side, and 1 on the border). In Poland, the biggest lock is in Paniewo – with two chambers and the difference in water levels of 6,40 m; and in Belarus – Niemnowo lock with 4 chambers and the difference in water levels of 9,8m.

Border crossing and passport control is performed in a kayak.

The route is relatively easy, recommended for everyone with a good physical condition, even for beginners.

There is no current, no obstacles and no portages.

Spływ Kanał Augustowski Białoruś SZOT
3 kraje spływ Polska Białoruś Litwa 6 dni SZOT
Kanał Augustowski spływ kajakowy Białoruś visafree SZOT


8.00 AM – meeting in Augustów – SZOT BASE – office, equipment rental – kayaks, canoes, bikes, tents, etc. Villa Skomanda, restaurant, summer houses, outdoor sauna, barbeque sheltered area with a fireplace, car park.
In the neighborhood, there is a large bakery, where you can conveniently do shopping before you start your trip

There is a possibility to book an extra night in Villa Skomanda before the trip – ask about the availability

8.30 AM – transportation to the kayaking starting point.

Kayaking route:  Rudawka – Dąbrówka (rest break) – Rudawka    /20 km

At Kurzyniec lock there is a water border checkpoint with customs clearance and passport control. Then, we continue on Augustów Canal on the Belarusian side, among natural forests and beautiful steep riverbanks overgrown with wild flora, away from crowded streets and buildings. In Dąbrówka we have a little break and time to rest. Then, at around 7-8 PM, we return to Augustów the same way. There are four locks on the route.
At the end there is a water border checkpoint with customs clearance and passport control at Kurzyniec lock.

~ 7.00 – 8.00 PM – planned return to Augustów.


179 PLN /person                                  169 PLN /children under the age of 12

Price includes

  • seat in a double SZOT KOMFORT kayak with paddling gear (paddle, life jacket, soft seat),
  • transportation: Augustów – Rudawka, Rudawka – Augustów,
  • Polish-speaking lifeguard / kayaking instructor guidance,
  • pass allowing to cross the border without a visa,
  • accident insurance (AXA in both, Poland and Belarus)

Parking lot during the trip – FOR FREE.

Paid separately

  • lock fees (2) on the Polish side – 4,30 PLN/kayak/lock (payable in cash at the lock; operated till 7pm)
  • lock fees (2) on the Belarusian side – 3 BY rubles (approx. 6,50 PLN)/kayak/lock,
  • kayaking in a double kayak individually – 15 PLN/person,
  • renting a waterproof bag (55l) or barrel (3,5l/10,4l) – 6 PLN/day + deposit of 50 PLN
  • available to purchase in SZOT office: maps, waterproof mobile phone cases, sport gloves, sun hats and raincoats

Additional information

  • a scanned copy of a passport (the side with a photo) must be sent at least 5 days before the start of the trip in order to get the visa-free pass,
  • the minimum number of participants: 14 persons
  • there are no permanent food bars. At Dąbrówka lock there is a rest break planned – on site: toilets, sheltered areas, food store.
  • trip members must be in an appropriate state of health, which allows to participate in a kayaking trip. Kids and teenagers can take part in a kayaking trip only under supervision of their parents or legal age guardians
  • there is a possibility to book an extra night in Villa Skomanda before or after the kayaking trip – with a discount – ask about availability first
  • we provide first-quality 1-, 2-, and 3-persons kayaks
  • we suggest you to take: comfortable, lightweight footwear – sandals/ slides/ water shoes, mosquito repellant, fleece sweatshirts, warm clothes suitable for night weather conditions, fingerless gloves, raincoats, and of course, a GOOD MOOD!



Spływy kajakowe z pasją, Czarna Hańcza, Rospuda, Kanał Augustowski
ul. Konwaliowa 2
Augustów 16-300, Polska

+48 87 644 67 58

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