Czarna Hańcza River and the Augustów Canal – COMFORT – 8 days

Organized, guided kayaking trip; accommodation in comfortable rooms in Augustów, 8 days / 6 days kayaking – 94 km. '2020 DATES.



8 days / 6 days

94 km


HB - breakfasts, dinners



Czarna Hańcza River – one of the most appealing and best known in Poland. The river is relatively wide, and it has a mild current that makes it easier to kayak. It meanders calmly along grasslands and woods of Augustów Primeval Forest. Its relaxing atmosphere is driven by the river’s gentle bends, curves, and fallen trees that are easy to pass. In general, the route is not difficult, suitable for beginners and families with children.

Accommodation: Augustów – rooms in a bungalow (newly built) / summer houses or campsite at Villa Skomanda.
Catering: HB – breakfasts and dinners

STANDARD OPTION (accommodation on the route) HERE. 

The most beautiful kayaking route in Poland.

Spływ kajakowy Czarną Hańczą i Kanałem Augustowskim
Wigry - Pokamedulski Klasztor, spływ kajakowy
Spływ kajakowy Kanałem Augustowskim SZOT
Spływ kajakowy Czarna Hańcza SZOT


SCzHk1 |27.06-04.07.2020 Sorry, lack of seats
SCzHk2 |11.07-18.07.2020 Reserve
SCzHk3 |01.08-08.08.2020 Reserve


1st day:

Arrival in Augustów, check-in.   /from 3 PM to 11 PM/
SZOT Base (how to find us) – office; water equipment rental – kayaks, canoes, bikes, tents; Villa Skomanda – hotel; restaurant; bungalow; summer houses; playground for children; outdoor sauna; sheltered barbeque area with a fireplace; fenced parking area.

2nd day:

9:30 AM    Transportation to the kayaking starting point – Wigry Lake; SZOT kayaking marina. We start with a short individual sightseeing of the Post-Camaldolese monastery complex, a place where Pope John Paul II rested during his pilgrimage to Poland in 1999. From here extends admiring view on the panorama of Wigry Lake. Before we start the tour, a short briefing will be provided (organizational and safety issues; kayaking instructions).

Kayaking route: Wigry – Maćkowa Ruda   /10 km

Our starting point is the area of Wigry National Park – Wigry Lake; Postaw Lake; Czarna Hańcza River meandering among tall reeds and water plants. While passing some small villages, the river occasionally divides, and thus we can see multiple small grassy islands along the way.

Transportation from the ending point back to Augustów.

3rd day:

Transportation to the kayaking starting point.

Kayaking route: Maćkowa Ruda – Frącki   /19 km

This section of the river is very calm and attractive. It is surrounded by high, steep riverbanks overgrown with trees. At the very beginning, the current is fast-flowing but safe; then, the speed decreases. Multiple bends, bifurcations, and backwater areas covered with rustling reeds are common here. The river is pretty wide and overgrown with numerous water plants, what makes the view even more magnificent.

Transportation from the ending point back to Augustów. Bonfire party in the evening.

4th day:

Transportation to the kayaking starting point.

Kayaking route: Frącki – Mikaszówka   /23 km

This section of the river is calm and runs mostly along primeval grasslands. At the very beginning of this route, the current is slow, and riverbanks are covered with tall reeds. Then, we reach “the heart” of Augustów Primeval Forest, where Czarna Hańcza River runs through deep corners of forested swamplands. Then, the river narrows and strongly meanders. On the route there are some natural obstacles in form of fallen trees. The last two kilometers we kayak through the Augustów Canal regulated by historic, manually operated locks (must-see!).

Transportation from the ending point back to Augustów.

5th day:

Transportation to the kayaking starting point.

Kayaking route: Mikaszówka – Płaska   /13 km

In Mikaszówka town there is an old wooden church built in the traditional architectural style, a perfect match for the wilderness of old-growth forests. The route starts on Augustów Canal; then we reach picturesque lakes that perfectly blend into the surrounding landscape of Augustów Primeval Forest. There are three locks on the route, and one of them (Paniewo lock) has two chambers (the difference in water levels is 6,40 m!).

Transportation from the ending point back to Augustów.

6th day:

Transportation to the kayaking starting point.

Kayaking route: Płaska – Przewięź   /17 km

The kayaking trip starts on Gorczyckie Lake, relatively shallow and narrow; later, it continues through Augustów Canal. There are several bays covered with tall reeds, where you can see several species of aquatic birds and beavers. Then, we pass Serwy Lake and enter the longest section of the Canal (so-called Czarnobrodzki Canal) running in a straight line. There are two locks on the route, and beautiful Studzieniczne Lake at the very end.

Transportation from the ending point back to Augustów.

7th day:

Transportation to the kayaking starting point.

Kayaking route: Przewięź – Augustów   /12 km

The final stage of the kayaking route along two picturesque lakes: Białe and Necko Lake full of beaches and swimming zones. These lakes are attractive not only for kayakers, but also for motorboat enthusiasts and sailors – therefore, we should kayak along the shore of the lake, and remember to yield the right-of-way to any larger water vehicles. At the end we kayak through Netta River and Augustów Canal. On the route there is one lock – Augustów lock.

The trip ends next to SZOT Base.

8th day:

After breakfast, check-out, Guests departure.
Optional: Augustów sightseeing, cycling trip, cruise, etc.


1599 PLN/person    1309 PLN/children up to 12, sharing a room with 2 parents   1419 PLN/3rd person in a room
BUNGALOW Option – in a double room

1529 PLN/person**         1459 PLN/children up to 12**
SUMMER-HOUSE Option (4-person)
**when housing 4 ppl

1259 PLN/person             1159 PLN/children up to 12
CAMPSITE Option – SZOT campsite

STANDARD OPTION (accommodation on the route) HERE. 

Price includes

  • seat in a double SZOT Komfort kayak with paddling gear (paddle, life jacket, soft seat) – 6 days
  • 7 x night’s accommodation – depending on your chosen option
  • 7 x catering (breakfast, dinner); children up to 12 – ½ servings
  • bonfire party with sausages
  • daily transportations of people to the kayaking starting point and back (in accordance with the schedule)
  • lifeguard / kayaking instructor guidance – 6 days
  • Wigry National Park ticket
  • accident insurance (AXA 20 000 PLN)
  • Guarantee Fund contribution of 0 PLN

In the backyard you will find:

  • outdoor, wood-burning sauna
  • beach volleyball court
  • sheltered barbeque area with a fireplace
  • playground for children
  • rental office: kayaks, bikes, Nordic-walking poles
  • parking area

Parking lot during the kayaking tour – free.

For our regular guests we offer an additional discount.

Paid separately

  • locks on Augustów Canal (9 on the route) – 4,30 PLN/per kayak/per lock (payable on the spot; at the lock; daily operated till 7 PM),
  • local fee (cash only) – 14 PLN/person/trip
  • accommodation in a single bungalow room – 390 PLN/person /trip
  • CAMPSITE option only – warm shower in SZOT Base – 5 PLN/shower
  • renting a single SZOT kayak – 70 PLN/trip
  • renting a single CAROLINA kayak or kayaking in a double kayak individually – 110 PLN/trip
  • renting a double polyethylene kayak: CRUISER II / VISTA / HORIZON – 25 PLN/person/trip
  • renting a 2-person igloo tent – 189 PLN/trip + deposit of 50 PLN
  • renting a foam mattress – 15 PLN/trip
  • renting a waterproof bag (55l) or barrel (3,5l/10,4l) – 32 PLN/trip + deposit of 50 PLN
  • sauna bathing – 150 PLN/2 hours/group
  • available to purchase in the SZOT office: maps, waterproof mobile phone cases, sport gloves, sun hats and raincoats.

Additional information

  • If you want to spend your free time in an active way, you are more than welcome to join us and become a kayaker! No matter how old or fit you are, our kayakers are of different age and shape. They are families with children or students, couples and those kayaking on their own. Simply everyone who just wishes to spend their free time actively, in fresh air and surrounded by beautiful nature. Anyone who wants to meet new people, looks for an adventure, and who enjoys spending free time with family and friends
  • Trip members must be in an appropriate state of health, which allows to participate in a kayaking trip. Kids and teenagers can take part in a kayaking trip only under supervision of their parents or legal age guardians
  • Accommodation:
    • Bungalow (wooden) – 2-person rooms with an additional bed – folding sofa. Facilities: fridge, kettle, bedding, bathroom, shower
    • Summer houses – Designed for 4 persons; with a wooden terrace and bedroom in the attic. On the ground floor there is a living room with a bathroom.
    • SZOT campsite next to Villa Skomanda. In the backyard you will find: a playground for children, dry sauna, summerhouse with a fireplace, bicycles for rent, showers
  • Food: delicious, home-made meals with elements of regional cuisine in Villa Skomanda. Dinner is served on the first; breakfast on the last day of your stay
  • We provide first-quality 1-, 2-, and 3-person kayaks
  • The minimum number of participants: 8
  • There is a possibility to book an extra night before or after the kayaking trip – with a discount
  • We suggest you to take: comfortable, lightweight footwear – sandals/ slides/ water shoes, mosquito repellant, fleece sweatshirts, warm clothes suitable for night weather conditions, fingerless gloves, raincoats, and of course, a GOOD MOOD!

Attractions in Augustów; distances from SZOT Base:

  • Cruises along picturesque lakes and Augustów Canal – 2 km
  • Catamaran Port – 3 km
  • Marian Shrine located on the island in Studzieniczna – 11.5 km
  • Water ski lift on Necko Lake – 3.6 km / car – 3 km / walk
  • Ride on the Narrow Gauge Railway in Wigry – 26 km
  • Tennis courts – 3.5 km
  • Municipal Aquapark (swimming pools, slide, jacuzzi, sauna) – 1.2 km
  • Bowling club – 0.9 km

Get into a kayak and get inspired with us! 😉



Spływy kajakowe z pasją, Czarna Hańcza, Rospuda, Kanał Augustowski
ul. Konwaliowa 2
Augustów 16-300, Polska

+48 87 644 67 58

+48 601 146 703